Wednesday, February 16, 2005
exciting day! HOHO :D

i love today (: its a funny fun day! pe this week was the funnest ever since school started. really enjoyed ourselves (: "aim for the sprinkler!" after pe the mini tennis people were coming back from the hall and lala and gen were singing the differentiation formula along the corridor. got scolded by mrs tien. oops. haha then when they walked into class they told mrs yeo and she said: "serve you right!" lol. was super amusing.

recess was phototaking. then was taking an individual photo for house and the photographer said this after the first two snaps: *points at the photo* "your eyes ah - can open bigger?" i was like boo! wasnt that small... hahas. so i took again. physics was ok and eng was so-so as well. lunched with sarah before going for mep. got back test paper and i did well (: hahas. happy happy. we all went crazy when listening to prokofiev's classical symphony and love for three oranges. esp love for three oranges. was so fast la. then everyone got lost. hahas.

chi test tmr and i've only studied almost halfway. plus lit hw. gotta get started!

at 6:53 PM, she let go.