Friday, February 11, 2005
its nice to be back (:

yay! home at last! feels good. hahas. nice sleeping conditions tonight after a week of on and off weather conditions. been chomping down so much food and cny snacks over the past week. bleahs. and i think i gained. okay maybe that's obvious la. haha. and i think there's something wrong with the weighing machine in my grandma's house. i weigh heavier there than in sch. hmmms. i suppose that will drive me to run more rounds. haha.

anyway. glad to be out of the car. got butt cramps and leg cramps and back cramps. dear me im getting old. hahas. didnt stop for lunch cos the shops were mostly closed. public holiday. ate a really heavy brekky. like 2 and a quarter prata. was practically stuffed. oh yeah. learning to pick up dialects. haha. when u start sputtering rubbish it can get really funny. another busy weekend. rahh. visiting tmr (:

at 6:05 PM, she let go.