Tuesday, February 08, 2005
cny eve

hello. i just remembered that today's cny eve and jiaxin's all dressed up (: hahas. hope u won! anw, hello tessa! i didnt know you read blogs. hahas. been watching more movies and eating lots of food. well to me its more than usual la. bleahs. all the weight im putting on. so fattening. stuffy internet cafe :/

oh yeah!! my cousin and my aunt just arrived this morning. so now we've got squeezy bedrooms. forgot to mention that i cut my hair at the salon downstairs. and the auntie thinned it so much. feels weird. and it curls after i bath! eeks man. its hard to tie up too. cant wait for it to grow back. was tempted to colour my hair cos my sis was doing hers but obviously i cant. and she got 2 feelers (: hahahs. sneezing my head off. stuffy internet cafe :/

at 11:22 AM, she let go.