Saturday, January 08, 2005
my voice broke!

the week's finally over! so fast lah. orientation for sec one is over. on tues, wed, and thurs we didnt really do much. more talks and such.

orientation camp (:
outdoor games, indoor games and wet games. wet games was sick lah. so gross. hahahs. but it was fun. yeah. campfire was great! the sky was super dark when they lighted the campfire with the fireball thing. then 5 minutes later it rained so we went to the forum for the 'campfire'. tho it wasnt much of a campfire but it was really fun. me, rach, janis and qing went high lah. scream and shout and etc etc. we kept laughing like crazy gundus and i think we were enjoyying more than the sec ones? hahah. and i lost my voice by the time it was the tangyuan thing. did the warm fuzzies before sending the wisdom girls to sleep in the infinity lab with mrs seet. then 4 of us went to bath and we did warm fuzzies and souvenirs for the entire morning. never sleep lah. best. we were supposed to get it over and done with fast so maybe can get some sleep. in the end we keep talking rubbish and laughing our heads off and stoning till we delay. then in the last one house before the waking up time we were rushing like crazy. lol.

surprisingly i didnt feel tired throughout the whole morning. i was told to play for cca fair cos i skipped cca on fri and claire and qing said it was quite bad. so yeah. s.o. people keep laughing at my voice.. bleahs. hahas. then met sarah at macs and we went up the church hill to eat lunch before going for yf. yf people also laughed at my voice. was so tired that i dozed off during the video thing. hehe. then chrystal wanted to ask me what time it was and she realised i was sleeping. hahaha. whoops. but i woke up. and the more i look at the screen, the more i felt like going back to sleep but i managed not to. cg time was fun. quite silly lah, did some disscussion and then talked about cg outings. haha. now my voice is seriously gone. cant talk properly. gotta whisper. goodness. wondering if i should sleep now or do theory. but i think i shall sleep. super tired. tmr got cip at 2. hope we get it.

gahh. so many things, so little time!

at 7:52 PM, she let go.