Sunday, December 26, 2004

oh no. i just realised something. i didnt link the page properly! my bad.. im like updating from the internet cafe. hahahs. anyways. the link is here. so sorry!

the time in k.t. has been quite nice (: the food and all. hahas. and the movie marathons when there's nothing nice to watch on tv. and wrapping gifts for dunno what. oh yeah! i bought cute wrapping paper for my amaths tbk which is falling apart and i still have to sustain it for one more year. hahas.the christmas services were long but the sermons seemed to have the same message. and its like one on 24th night and one on 25th morning. bleah. guess im not used to their services, esp since everything is all in chinese. ahahas. managed to finish my maths hw. and finished reading 'im king of the castle'. still left with hong lou meng tho. and theory. falala. gotta go back and pack my stuff.

im coming back home :D

at 9:45 PM, she let go.