Monday, January 03, 2005
first day of school ((:

green classroom.. so exciting! the only sec four in that whole level. but it's so spacious. and come to think of it, its more convenient than the other sec 4 classes. i think. hahahs. was so cold in the morning. whole day practically like a speech day. speeches from all 3 sec heads. so long.. bleahs. finally got to eat orange bowl in like 5469843651 million years! yay! the taste of the nice nice orange bowl. stayed back in sch with ling and linna and later jiaxin cos we were chionging hw and linna and jiaxin and ling also studied amaths. we were the only people there studying lah. hahahs like some kiasu nerds or smth. lol.

lala has turned into a dark cheek! after all those swimming classes with ineffective ways of putting on sun block. hahahs. oh yeah, linna gave me this christmas ball with pooh and tigger on it! so cute can ((: thanks alot CHEEK! i was like obsessed with it during the study session. hahas.

was watching tv after dinner just now. and that eye-brow plucker guy came on tv again! he's practically in all those tv things. first it was star search, then singapore idol and now this chinese show. so gross. he stripped again. i dont think he's meant to be an eyebrow plucker. more like a stripper in some ulu night club. was watching it with my sister and both of us were laughing and crying. really disgusting. i think he should be banned! eeks. and just last fri when we were going to buy grace a skirt i saw him terrorising a caucasian outside tangs, tricking her into letting him do her eyebrows.. yucks.

we suspect one of the painters stole the s.o. banner! all the hard work down the drain thus we have to do it again tomorrow.. oob.

at 9:54 PM, she let go.