Monday, December 27, 2004
home sweet home!

oh yay it feels good to be home (: was a bumpy ride back but quite fun and funny. nearly puked tho. so gross. bleahs. hahas

saw this really amusing sign. not trying to be racist but it said 'nasi ayam hainan' which is hainanese chicken rice... being sold by a malay! hahas. yeah. saw this coconut-plucking-monkey going to work on the owner's motorbike. it had a really weird face which gave us the impression that he wasnt really happy going to work. monday blues. hahahs.

my dad's really funny. he came up with a new funny word for his funny word list. i cant exactly remember what it is tho. short term memory. hahas. currently he has like marks and swensens (marks and spencers), oliver twit (oliver twist) and conch potato (couch potato). like what rubbish is that?! lol...

at 7:48 PM, she let go.