Thursday, December 30, 2004
He held the rain back for me ((: aint He great?

yay! hahas. right after i stepped into the shelter of my home it poured like crazy. was sorta running (half walking cos i got tired) with my cello from the shortcut. bleahs. and its not the first time (: God is faithful, how nice :D

met my sec one class today. really small class with a humongamous classroom. and all are old girls except 2 of them. and my classroom is right above theirs. fun fun. i dont have to walk far to get there every morning. hahas. did spring cleaning and still havent introduced ourselves to them yet. boo. monday then.

thank you jiaxin for your present (: and ber too (tho i dont think you'll read this.)

seoul garden toms. muahaha.

at 2:59 PM, she let go.