Saturday, January 01, 2005
i am sec 4!

oh no. so scary. i dont want to be a sec 4 student. bleahs. anyway im like blogging at this crazy hour when i should be sleeping. hahas.

camp comm lunch was quite fun. and we bought grace a skirt! hahahs. she's gonna wear it to church tomorrow. how interesting ((: p&p was good. just thanked God for the things happening in ministries and committed the new year to Him (: slept at 12.45 am and woke up at 10. nice nice. hahas. cooked porridge for lunch again and i forgot to add in the salt and stuff AGAIN and my brother was complaining that it was tasteless.. hahas.

yf was quite ok. the rearranged the sec4 cgs so it was abit weird but hopefully we'll get used to it soon. yup. got the camp comm pillow! hahas. its small but like so un-squishy. oh well. i like it anyhow. hahas. so now i have 4 pillows on my bed. how nice (:

bleahs all the junk im consuming. bad bad bad. my poor throat. maybe i should go on a fruit and veg diet again. hahas and fail terribly at reaching my goal.

oh no school is starting!

falala. im back to using the old gbk cos the new one must pay. oob. oh well, it works just as well (:

at 11:07 PM, she let go.