Thursday, November 11, 2004
happy deepavali (:

today's a public holiday but i keep thinking its saturday. how bandung. haha.

went to ber's house and got a lift from melanie to the church. was quite exciting. then the space we have is really small. i have no idea why they have to cram us there when the whole area is so big. weird. oh well. we overestimated the time so the canon ending was quite screwed. like very abrupt. yucks. feel bad. the hornpipe was ok. tho it was weird having to play standing. haha. our pay got docked like before we played. cut by half... i feel cheated.. whoops. but it doesnt really matter (: haha. yeah. the place wasnt really crowded. and i think the bride was quite happy. she was crying when she was reading the vows... so sweet. haha. took bus back after we finished playing. tummy kept growling. wanna go swimming later but im afraid it might rain. nice shows are on tv tonight. and they all clash.

bug's life on ch 5 at 6.30
happy fish on ch 8 at 7
s'pore idol on ch 5 at 8.30
the champion on ch 8 at 9

i think i'll skip the s'pore idol and happy fish... i love bug's life ((:

list of movies i wanna watch: taxi, polar express, shark tale, spongebob and incredibles (: hahas

at 2:02 PM, she let go.