Tuesday, November 23, 2004
im home!

home sweet home (: tho i wouldnt mind staying there a little longer (: hehe

the holiday to western australia was great fun! reached perth airport at 1+ am. was super cold outside. uncle willy brought us to his cousin's house which is supposedly a holiday house that he rents. its big and nice! well furnished. swimming pool in the backyard and golf course behind. had strudel in the house. brekky was at the golf course cafe. then we packed and drove down to fremantle and then to busselton where we booked a villa for the rest of the trip. ate food at every stop. i thot i was going to explode. like every hour or 2 we would reach a town and we would go eat... crazy. slept most of the way cos i was quite tired. dinner was steak and potatoes cooked by uncle willy. yum yum (: it was nice

2nd day we went exploring. drove down bussel highway to margaret river and to augusta. was an interesting ride. at augusta we drove down to the beach and saw 2 stingrays in the shallow water. really cool (: then talked to this local family which went fishing. they were cleaning out the fish.. hahah. yeah. went to the lighthouse at leeuwin cape. on the way back we dropped by margaret river again. went walking around. got simmo's ice cream ((: whoa! its really heavenly ((: hahas. went walking around. i bought a hat. and we went to the supermarket to pick up some stuff. after we went back to busselton me, dad and my bro went swimming at the beach nearby. the water's so cold! but quite shiok too. haha. daddy went to rent a car cos uncle willy had errands to do the next day so we needed another car to travel around. got this really old 2 door 4 seater. its quite small. after that we went to the tourist bureau area cos they were having wine tasting. yeah. had a hotdog and walked around the park with russell while 3 others were tasting wine. wasnt that filling so on the way back we went to buy pizza.. hahahs. rented daddy daycare to watch (:

uncle willy left early in the morning. we took the ikan bilis car to margaret river. thot that the car would be like super slow but it turned out to be red hot chilli padi. hahahs. could really zoom around. yeah. went for wine tasting. the weather was really hot that day. and there was a simmo's ice cream van there too! hahahs. went for it again ((: then me and jie went to queue for food... just standing in the sun for five minutes waiting for grilled squid and satay chicken we got darker... imagine how strong the sun was. after that we popped by 2 wineries, watershed and leeuwin.. the scenery at watershed is so nice (: and at leeuwin its all green and treehousey... hahahs. they had a big field and a forest of trees. went for the burning of the vine cuttings in the evening. was held at leeuwin winery in the middle of the field. was very cold that night. and when they lighted the bonfire it was nice and warm (: hahas. and nearing the end there were fireworks.. pretty pretty fireworks (: got home by nine plus i think. yup. uncle willy was back by then.

next morning he went down to augusta to try and get some abalone but couldnt find any. we bought 2 crab nets and went down to the jetty to try and catch some crabs.. managed to get one but it was too small so we had to throw it back. had simmo's yet again at the beach (: nice and refreshing. that day was really hot! went back to clean up. me, dad and uncle willy went to the beach again. daddy went swimming with uncle willy and i was just playing with water.. heheh. took a nice bath and then went down to woolworth's to get some more stuff for dinner. cooked noodles, canned soup for dinner together with hamburgers. was so full after that. hahas. watched the finals of australian idol but went to sleep before the results were announced. too tired.

woke up at 7. daddy and uncle willy went to the jetty at like 4 in the morning to go crabbing.. so cold! they caught 5 crabs. and we had them for breakfast. hahahs. nice and sweet. and daddy fried bacon and eggs too... yup. then we packed up all our stuff and headed to the airport. drove to fremantle for lunch. had sirloin steak for 11 aus. which is super cheap. hahahs. and it was worth it. was yummy! cooked by a chinese chef. hahahs. drove to the airport and checked in and came home (: the plane we were on had newly installed game handsets which are really cool. hahas. watched catwoman and the terminal. the terminal's so cute lah. hahahs. blur guy. touched down at ard 10 and slept at 12.

overall i think the trip was fun (: didnt mention everything up there tho. got sunburnt. and my face is peeling slightly. dunno why the area around my mouth got affected the most... oh well. got cello later and dad doesnt allow me to go out with pcps bunch. or rather the small group. pooh! and they're watching the incredibles! i wanna watch -pouts. hur!

at 1:37 PM, she let go.