Sunday, November 14, 2004
happy hari raya aldifitri

lalala. just came back from swimming. swam like 12 laps i think. yeah. hmm. yf was good. the message really made me think. yeah. all the things that we say, better watch out. went to auntie celeste's house after that. had popiah and steamboat. really nice (: tess brought her dog, troy, over. he's really cute. hahas. but he kept barking at the neighbour opposite cos they own a dog too. haha. was quite terrorised by the cousin. kept walking away to watch my aunties and granny and grand aunt play mahjong so she wouldnt talk to me.. oops.

went for second again today. was really figety during the sermon... and my nose kept running. bleah. sat at the booth after that. was freezing. so cold lah. went for log meeting again. terrible traffic jam tho cos they closed the underpass. and the bus kept jerking... poot. lunched at magic wok. we thot the quality of the food would be about the same. like standard or something. so we ordered green curry and it was sick. as in the sight of it. there was this layer of oil on top.. gross lah. but it was nice (as in the stuff below that layer of oil). the chilli padi in the rice was shiok (: haha. went to the united square cold storage to check out prices of some stuff. and so that the location of united square could be made known to shukun. haha. yeah.

waiting for dinner... im starving. laksa laksa... yum yum yum. haha, that rhymes. whoops. im seriously gonna put on a lot of weight. like laksa for dinner, seoul garden tmr, and the whole perth trip... bleah. charlie's angels at 7.30

at 6:26 PM, she let go.