Saturday, November 13, 2004
its the real saturday!

hmms. yesterday was the longest day in entire history i think. well at least for me. went to sch in the morning and since there was no paper i was one of the earliest gundus in sch waiting for time to pass. i did my hw due. haha. yeah. maths was on binomial theorem. im super confused. and on tues it was sets which was quite horrible too. bleah. mrs yeo said that there was going to be a test when sch reopens. talking about her, she appeared in my dreams! hahas. and she was wearing the normal blue long skirt and her pink sleeveless with her hair pinned up. ahaha. so stupid. think she went for some concert.. i dunno lah. lol.

anyway. lessons ended at 10 so we celebrated lala's birthday (:
didnt want to go home cos i was too lazy so i moped ard sch with cyn and jiaxin and mellin(after her training). ate nice nice orange bowl for lunch (: cca started at 3. conducted by mr goh. the slowest 3 hours ever! time passed slowly, mr goh conducted slowly. bleah. but i guess slow practice does good cos then we can check intonation and articulation. yup.

went to church for meeting after packing up. bought tauhuay for dinner cos i was having a tummyache. met joel nah on 28. yeah. was the earliest to reach. then nat and shukun came. then the rest came. was a really empty meeting. quite a lot of people didnt come i think? and some certain person forgot about the meeting. hahas.

woke up this morning still feeling so tired. standing in for a vocalist today. oh yeah! steamboat at auntie celeste's hosue after yf (: yay! get to see my youngest cousins... esther and daniel. they're really cute. esther really looks alot like me when i was young. went out with them once and i was carrying her. then someone thot we were sisters.. ahahs. shall try to get a pic.

alright enough of all this silly rubbish. im going. bye (:

at 9:06 AM, she let go.