Tuesday, November 09, 2004
itchy itchy scratchy scratchy

mozzie bites... irritating things! i have like 4-5 on my legs.. garr..

sat: the open house was ok (: and i rushed for yf, missed worship but at least i made it for the message which was really good... yup. went for the concerto after yf. the cellist is so pro lah. and he's very expressive. maybe abit too showy. haha.

sun: went for second which was in chinese and kinda weird.. yeah. had log meeting after that. was like one of the longest log meetings ever. haha. neway. i got a sunflower for sarah (: and shukun bought body shop stuff. yeah. haha. the bbq was fun (: but had to rush off after the cake cutting. oh well.

mon: went to sch for cca. and we started late cos no one opened the door. yeah. went to ber's house to prac after that. her mum makes really nice claypot rice! so shiok i tell u. haha. yeah. the person ( melanie or smth i think) came to hear us. yup. kinda excited about thurs. haha. fun! piano after that was ok

today: lessons at 8. was so sleepy. and my nose kept running. so irritating. and i think i spent alot of money eating today. haha. like had a hashbrown from macs in the morning, orange bowl and ice tea during recess, tauhuay and orange bowl for lunch. that's like a lot... haha. and while waiting for time to pass i slept in the fam lounge. was so reluctant to get up and go for cello lesson. haha. and i got sprayed by the rain on my way there. got to play with my teacher's toy dog. its so cute ok! its like 3 months old. white, think it was a maltese... its so cute!!! hahah. wanted to take a pic but no time. :( so adorable. shall try to snap a photo next week.. haha. weirdly i thot i played like crap today but she said i improved. im like right... oh well. i get to wake up late tmr.. muahah. going to sch earlier to help with the scores before practice. and im not missing out on sakae cos they're not going. heh.

at 5:16 PM, she let go.