Thursday, October 28, 2004

hello (: just came back from school. talked about a whole lot of things with jiaxin and cyn and geri and han and whoever else after school... was really like A LOT. really scared for my cca now. afraid that they'll merge it with some other cca and form some stupid society... cos it happened to mits + lib + ava, eldds + debate and cldds + chi calligraphy + weiqi. then netball band and co were given like targets (syf, national zonal competitions) to achieve or else.... yeah. freakky!

sorta finished sec 3 and 4. like 1.5 more chapters for sec 3 so will start sec 2 and 1 later. going to spotlight tmr with liz and doing banner (: fun fun. tonight's p6 grad night. all the propaganda. and during physics we slacked again. was studying in canteen with ling and lou. didnt want to go to the lib cos got aircon and sofa and we were afraid we'll fall asleep. ahah. then in the canteen, lirong (s4) called p10 and got in! then all her classmates were singing the otelli edwards advert for her! and they dedicated to "sexy teacher" cym. HAHA! and lirong talked alot to her and it was broadcasted. they even borrowed uncle mobeen's radio so they could hear. and the whole canteen was laughing when they did it cos they sang the advert thing very loud. (the next table behind us) everyone turn lah! haha. stupid. was really funny.

stressed. or rather scared. chi o's is in 4 days. food fair is in 3 days. but at least i have the concert to look forward to. on sat night (: and next sat night too. haha. dont think i'll make it for yf on the 6th cos of open house (which is rather stupid) we are supposed to give the people an idea of what a day in st nix will be like. and the open house is from 2-5. oh wow.

gonna watch teevee!

at 7:53 PM, she let go.