Wednesday, November 03, 2004
dying hands

my hands are gonna be crippled by the end of next week. i feel tortured. yucks. open house practice tmr and fri, also got cca, open house on sat, practice for lessons which are on tues, ber's friend's friend's wedding on thurs, cca again next fri. WHOA! die alr... lessons today were ok. mrs yeo was really funny. ahaha. silly hello kitty please (: erm. supposed to have the mpe rapc today but it was quite a waste of time. yeah. whoops.

luckily i dont have to wake up early tmr. i need my sleep! im all sticky now. got slightly wet while waiting at the bus stop for daddy to pick me. and i havent had my bath. haha. still wanna go watch my shows. but that can wait. must try to do theory hw as well. really dont have much chance of going for yf this sat alr. ms oh wants soloists in the mep at 3+ to play for some pri sch girls so i got dragged in. bleah. oh well can go back and clean up before the cello concerto (: how exciting!

at 7:49 PM, she let go.