Thursday, November 04, 2004
bandung please!

hello. im thoroughly convinced msn is pmsing today. i cant sign in at all! garr!

i need a shoulder massage. my poor shoulders are so stiff and aching from cello. they need professional help soon! not even half of my exam piece has been played and i cant carry on anymore cos my shoulder's hurt. rah! been having headache throughout the day. so pain. rained super heavily in the afternoon. like 2 hours of non-stop rain. so cold... and i heard otelli edwards' new trailer. and snippets of 4F'04 's call is in it (: haha. so cool. i need to exercise! tennis or swimming.. fats are accumulating. yucks. hey that rhymes! haha. ok sorry that was really apple tea.

looking forward to my holiday. its coming soon! yay! hmm. doesnt feel like the holidays at all..

i wanna go back to pcps. and sakae as well! oh dear. they're on the same day :S

at 7:42 PM, she let go.