Tuesday, October 26, 2004
shampoo got into my eye!

6 more days to o's! oh no... so scary! im halfway through sec 3. no morning jog today! haha. im such a lazy pok. anw, chi is boring. and went to poll in the middle of the lesson. for like half an hour. haha. chem was quite ok. mrs ang let us of five minutes early cos we wanted to eat. haha. physics mr tey went through the ws and practical. went high with ling, marilyn, gen and linna. we were all trying to do funny things to our mouths. super hilarious ok. very fun (: haha yesterday after school as well. me and marilyn went high for the whole afternoon and i couldnt study after that. haha. cello was quite ok lah. spent 45 minutes eating with jiaxin. RECORD TIME! ahaha. was fun! was watching tv and eating chips with jie just now. right after eating dinner somemore. oops. forgot to add that shampoo got into my eye just now. was so pain!!!! but now its ok alr. hahas.

squished gummy bear

at 9:09 PM, she let go.