Thursday, July 15, 2004
slack week

whee! haha... this week's so slack. after monday (killer physics test), everything was just play...hehs. not much hw and lessons are quite slack. mrs ang let us use the comps for half of her lessons this week. had cl oral. definitely much easier than everyone had expected. was crapping with yanhan, ling and mellie in the waiting room... so funny (: but i stumbled quite abit, repeated, added in my own words and didnt read some words... how pathetic.ah wells. its over!

went for mep lesson after that. around 4.30. and i regretted going. i dont like mr wong! -bites! he's such an irritating ballerino! pfft! first he said those who dont finish their 3 note composition would have to stay back till they finished. so i crapped something out. then we had the presentations of projects till 5.20. then 10-minute break. after that, while some people where still coming back, he played this 'game' with 10 people? we had to write some rhythmic thing with our name.. it was kinda dumb. we also had to write this what erm.period, statement, liquidification and ending... some rubbish like that. and then he held us back cos everyone had to go to him individually to show him our compo and the period statement thingy... grrs! and i left the room at 6.40? so late lorh. and mr cher left us there to rot! what's more, mr wong locked the doors except the workroom one cos he wanted to make sure everyone handed in... i dont want to go for mep till occ comes back again!

went to collect the cca t-shirts with anqing after school today. she had her bass lesson first while i went to watch band lunch time concert with cyn marilyn and jiaxin (: and we watched xiaodabao play the percussions... so cute (: haha. so we took mrt to outram. then we took a cab. the cab driver is a pervertic evil man! we got in. then anqing told him the address. and he told us he didnt know how to go only after he started driving? and he just continued driving... and said something like " wo bu hui qu... wo zai ni men dao jurong..." so freaky can? then after a while he was like "ni men xia dao zhe yang!" we were like very not funny lah! evil! pedophile.... XP be wary all u people out there who take cab from outram mrt!

cant wait for tmr... we have voting for comm members... whee! haha. think anqing will be president... yay! so fun (:

at 5:56 PM, she let go.