Saturday, October 07, 2006
promos are over (:

yay im glad that it is. been so mentally drained and physically deprived of sleep the whole week. glad that its over but somehow dont feel that sense of freedom yet. haha. maybe it takes time to kick in. dunno la. just crapping.

went kite flying yesterday at marina with hsiaoen, limin, youyin, coco and leo. was quite fun i guess, just getting the kite up and sitting down. we were supposed to eat steamboat but the haze was really bad and for the sake of hsiaoen's health we went to j8 instead. ya had thai express. some really hot noodles. and melvin had tuition with that boy so he only came after we sort of finished and in the end he didnt eat. haha. yeah.

i think something's wrong with me but i just cant figure it out. i feel like spending a whole day walking around by myself like some loner but the haze is so gross. actually i hope they cancel sch. haha. i wish man.

i think the favourite studying spot in sch for me at least, is outside the sc cos its so windy and nice. okay random. oh i cut my hair. feels much lighter now. the auntie thinned it a whole lot. ya then i went to the lib to borrow some books. havent read in a long time. piano was tiring. prob cos i was alr tired. i think im watching a movie next week. and i twisted my ankle again. thank God its not serious but it hurts a bit. i missed a step at j8 last night. yep.

aye im weird

at 7:37 PM, she let go.