Saturday, July 01, 2006
common test only what.

it looms ahead! like 2-3 more days? im super scared for chem i dunno why. i just am. and gp is like. i dunno how to prepare. hahah.

for those who dunno, i injured my ankle yet again. oh joy. couldnt be bothered to go to the sinseh initially cos the last time i went like not much difference. then yujun recommended the one she went to for her ankle. i just went there today. super long queue. and it wasnt like the usual sinseh treatment. this one kept asking me to relax. then push up and down, twist left and right. another guy came in and asked me to hold on to the top of the table and he pulled my ankle down a few times and there was a crack! then he said okay. oh my goodness so scary can. hahah. like you cant really anticipate what they're gonna do next. then walked down one bus stop to meet daddy and russ. and i twisted it again. was painful can. thank God i didnt fall that hard. but now it feels sore. i think the guy pulled hard man. hope it recovers soon

yay! studying in sn next week. i think. i want to. hahah. (:

at 9:11 PM, she let go.