Thursday, July 13, 2006
its over! (:

yay cts are finally over. actually that was like 2 days ago but ya nvm that's not the point. ahaha. ankle's recovering. physio's been added into my training so hopefully that'll speed up recovery. yup. sa track and field has been doing good for nationals so far. all the way! (:

went to yoshi at taka with youyin, hsiaoen, geks, limin, nicole, nicholas and melvin after maths paper. then we had some foodfair food from the basement then melvin and geks left. rest of us went walking around paragon then to heeren. got super high taking neos. was a fun time deco-ing the photos too. hahah. was so tired i slept at 930 that night. even after i woke up was still so tired. rah. i need sleep. now that cts are over there are suddenly so many other things to juggle. like pw, track, studies, church. but God will see me through it all (: yayness!

at 9:55 PM, she let go.