Saturday, April 29, 2006

yesterday was sn sports day, went back right after sc interview. it was much more exciting than any jc sports day, esp with the cheer leading and the atmosphere. green won champion house and red got last BUT reddies are still the champions in my eyes and i just wanna say that you guys have put in a lot of effort but it doesnt have to show through the outcome of sports day cos its a team effort and what's impt is the experience (:

went with jiaxin to yishun stadium and gym today. it was a weird weird day man. we had random people walking up to us and talking to us. first was this african american footballer who initially siad hi when we jogged past him on the track and later offered us a soccer ball to kick around for fun. then when we left the gym, a malay/indian guy whom we saw in the gym walked past us and said that we should have stayed for at least an hour cos it'll be more productive than the 35 mins we stayed there. went to northpoint to eat at the food court and when we were walking off some chinese guy came over and said that his friend would like my number and if i was okay with that. well of course my ans was no la. my goodness. what an exciting day. hahah. jiaxin said she's scared to go exercise with me alr cos when she goes with melissa nothing like this ever happens. haha.

have you ever talked to God above
tell Him that you need a friend to love
pray in Jesus' Name believing that
God answers prayers

have you told Him all your cares and woes
every tiny little fear He knows
you can know He'll always hear because
God will answers prayer

you can whisper in a crowd to Him
you can cry when you're alone to Him
you dont have to pray out loud to Him
He knows your thoughts

on a lofty mountain peak He's there
in a meadow by a stream He's there
anywhere on earth you'll go
He's been there from the start

Find the answer in His word, it's true.
You'll be strong because He walks with you.
By His faithfulness He'll change you too,
God answers prayer.

at 7:29 PM, she let go.