Monday, June 26, 2006 (:

school has started. going back to the vicious cycle of hw, late nights, projects, stuff to do, etc etc.

went to grandma's about 2 weeks back. was good relaxing and stuff. nice food to eat. nice places to see. rebonded my hair, never sat in a salon for so long before, im probably not gonna do it again. got germany from converse. haha
came back like in record time from msia. reached spore at 2pm! like phwoar! haha. super early. wanted to take a photo at tuas with the time on the pic but i forgot! but i managed to go watch swift. yay! haha. it was quite amusing. well one of the races.

went out with siewmin last friday. went to her place to study after slp meeting and then we went to watch she's the man in the evening. hahah. was super funny. good destressing movie. "caterpillars caterpillars! in 20 minutes time you'll all be beautiful butterflies!" hahah. had a good laugh. we bumped into debbie lee too then i waved to her and siewmin asked "is that your friend?" haha. my goodness la. not like she dunno debbie can. funny.

i've been snacking endlessly. ITCHY MOUTH. keep eating and eating. tsk.

at 8:59 PM, she let go.