Saturday, July 29, 2006

today we had cool yf, something different for a change. and thank God for breaking down barriers in youths' lives and even just giving them that passion in worship

just wanna share some thoughts. renzi shared about this so thought it would be smth interesting. yup. you know how supersitious people choose to believe what others would say abt superstitions? like how fengshui masters say smth and the next minute you see an auntie going to make arrangements for this and that so as to follow what the fengshui guy says and like 'increase' her prosperity, health and what not? yeah. even such a person can convince you to make such changes, but when the gospel is shared and there are so many testimonies about God's mircales and God's goodness people still have doubts. its just smth so ironic i feel. and there's nothing to lose on their part so why not?

at 10:40 PM, she let go.