Wednesday, July 05, 2006
im an SN girl once again! (:

yayness (: went back to sn after chem paper with cyn and mel. we were so tired on the bus that after a while we just stopped talking and started stoning. like awkward silence cos usually hayeeeatoii people are quite rowdy and always have a lot of things to talk about (like what?). saw zixin and heather and found out strings stuff too. had ORANGE BOWL and ICE TEA. it was back to the old days of miantangjialajiaohenduodouya again. uncle pang has a new hairdo! so cool la like some rocker (okay not really la but ya. haha) and we also realised that it was fried food day (the favouriterestest day of the week!). haha. everything was so cheap compared to jc. what you could spend on a meal in sa could buy you 2-3 meals in sn. oh wow! hahah. yup so of course we had fried food. and we couldnt stop eating! actually we could but then after a while you'll have cravings for ice jelly, muah chee, more fried food, the list goes on! went to "shop" at the bookshop. wanted to buy sand art and do with mel again but ohsosad they no longer sell it. they combined the photocopying shop with the bookshop so now its more spacious. and the photocopying lady's pregnant too!

then we sat at the table and stoned again. everytime we saw a teacher walk past we would just talktalktalk like how things were before. the english department is having a "baby boom" as quoted from mari (later on when we went back to find her again). so many pregnant teachers. and mrs yeo has a new catch phrase! we told her we came back in the midst of our commontests and she said "wah! so steady!" was super funny. and now she has funky specs man. saw mrs goh 3 times today and she was so surprised cos we stayed from 11.40 to 5 plus. hahah. actually quite a few teachers saw us walking around sch a few times and were looking at us weirdly (i wonder why?)

went to the staff room to find ms fazi. hahah. oh! staff room is now like boarded up along the railings. so stuffy. and the "do not lean over the railing" signs do not make sense anymore. haha. so exciting. then we talktalktalk with fazi. hahah. after that mari rushed back from ac for orange bowl then we just sat back, stoned a little and continued talking. talked till 5 then went to staff room and walked out with ms fazi. mr imran was having a hard time guessing our names again. seems like he always forgets. haha.

its like got so many things to say after not being with hayeeeatoii people for so long and it feels good to be back "home" with familiar surroundings and familiar people. words just cant describe it man. and even in sa i dont get to talk to the hayeeeatoii people alot either. yeah. i miss sn. i miss 4p. i miss the teachers we had.

okay enough of emo content. down to the more serious stuff. haha.
gp: like 90% of my class wrote on qn5. dengdeng! i wonder how im gonna score man. and the compre was so cheem. couldnt understand what i was reading. like reading blindly
chem: was quite okay, not as hard as i expected it to be. should be able to get decent grade (i hope)

okay ilovestudying(oh yes i do!) 2 down 2 more to go

tmr will be a happy day. no sch but going down to gombak to support baldwin. and then maybe studying and maybe trng. yup. might see hayeeeatoii people too. yay (: i want to be in sec4 again! it was really a wonderful year (:

just to add on, got this from mel's blog
"anyway, i hitched a ride back with miss fazi later in the day and we were talking about purity in the car and i think what she said was kinda surprising (at least for me). from some other person’s point of view, someone other than a puritan ("-insert biased exclamation that goes along the line of 'purity is the besterestest!'-" :D), i think for the first time i realised the impact we had on others, ie. our teachers who (towards the end) were more than just teachers to us.
Being a new teacher then (purity= her first form class :]), she was still trying to adapt to the system and she said that purity was what really made her feel at home at st nicks. each time she enters our class to teach, she doesn't feel like it's work, but more like meeting up with old friends (HAHA, all that gossiping and whining).
and she said that unlike her form class now, she knew all of us as individuals, like our strengths and weaknesses, our weird habits (WHERE GOT! lala is like that what! OHHHH haha IM KIDDING DONT SQUISH PREASE) and she knew that we were so bonded that she could group us any way she wanted and we’ll still be able to work together, despite being in diffreent cliques.
and also, we had a wonderful team of teachers (mrs khong/mrs ang/mrs yeo :D:D:D) who, i can't remember what ms fazi said but i infer that they all loved us very very much haha, and so during the last part of 2005, during the prayer session for the sec 4 classes, their prayer for us was extremely heartfelt."


at 6:23 PM, she let go.