Tuesday, January 31, 2006
happy cny!

for once in a long while, cny is spent in singapore. hahah. maybe not very long just that it comes only once a year so seems very long? haha. i dunno. anyway apo, uncle victor, auntie ai and rosina came over. auntie ai and rosina just left this morning.

been eating a lot and slacking all day. sit ard and grow fat. no exercise somemore. haha. my ankle doesnt seem to be getting better so im getting quite irritated. its taking so long to heal! exco mtgs have been quite frequent over the past week but its been mighty fun hanging out with them, all the rubbish that happens. haha. did stunts on sat too. fun fun.

somehow cny here is not as exciting as in msia with all the extended family. heh. oh well. hope we go out today, sick of staying at home doing nothing. its either the com or tv which is not very good. yeah.

run run run!

at 9:30 AM, she let go.