Sunday, January 16, 2005
smelly car

goodness. my dad's car really stinks.. so gross lah. and i dont think the smell's gonna go away anytime soon. bleah.

went to cyn's house yesterday to bake linna a cake before going to linna's house with cyn and mari. cyn summarised the hong lou meng story to me and mari on the bus. hahas. but i still cant really do my speech with no chinese typing software. gahh. i shall write it out first. dont care. anyway. we had great fun at linna's house. me, cyn, mari, ling, mellin, lala and linna watched white chicks. hahas but nothing beats watching it in the cinema. then jiaxin lou and han came halfway through the show. and we watched it and then played mahjong and watched parent trap. hahas. linna's baby photos are so cute (: a born cheek. hahahs. played with linna's nameless rabbit. its so nice! but it had long scary nails. but its nice. and we took lots of photos with mellin's camera. went off with mellin and jiaxin at 5.45. bought a mag while waiting for daddy.

rahh. these few weeks are gonna be super busy. probably gonna cut down my com time and try not to be so "addicted". my cousin's irritating me. she's really getting on my nerves. i know i should be more understanding but this cant keep going on. RAH!

lotsa stuff to do. being terrorised and my sms is going up.

at 1:11 PM, she let go.