Wednesday, January 12, 2005
deprived on fried food day!

oh no. everyone kept tempting me today! like most people walking past me and sitting around me all eating fried food. so jealous. but i didnt succumb to the temptation (: hahah. but i think my throat's getting better. yup.

had my first physics lesson of the year. mrs khong's a good teacher but she's a bit fast. and what's more me han and gen didnt attend her previous lessons so most of the time we were like 'huh-ing' away asking so many questions cos we dunno what's going on. haha. saw the moe mep list of names in our sch. was so retarded lah. like some of the names were distorted beyond recognition and details were all wrong. so crappy the whole row of us just kept laughing. haha.

oh yeah! english lesson was super fun today! ms fazi made us cut out interesting pictures, funny phrases and words, and then made us stick it all on a piece of paper to form something random. hahahs. i did with mellin, han and ling. was darn funny lah. just kept laughing.

"look up, live up; she was in the doldrums after sylvester lost singapore idol."
"money sale at paragon, delighting you always. students get $2 off!"
"real chicken fillet! true or false? yes!"

at 7:34 PM, she let go.