Friday, January 21, 2005
beach outing!

this week has been to hectic and crazy. nearly died. was quite bad moody sometimes and got easily pissed. bleah. horrible.

anyway, thank God for my cg (: we had a cg outing today. went to east coast park. they're staying over but daddy doesnt want me to so yeah. had quite a lot of fun canoeing, playing with water, tanning, screaming at unknown things in the water with sarah, laughing at some ns guys dancing grossly nearby, doing devotionals and reflections, and burying kelvin and nicholas. hahahs

i got chao ta. haha. me and sarah were back facing the sea and this huge wave just came and splashed the back of our legs and we screamed. hahahs. got a huge shock lah. then we started to wade into the water and suddenly i dropped in cos there was this step in the sand. got another shock and i screamed yet again. hahahs

oh yeah. when we were playing in the water, amy kept seeing this little fish swmming around and she was trying to point it out to me and sarah "there! there! cant u see it?!" hahahs. and we thot she was seeing things. then i was just standing there with sarah and suddenly she started screaming and pointing at something in the water. i didnt know what in the world it was so i started screaming too. hahahs. and we were backing away from it. only to realise that it was the tiny fish that amy saw. hahah. was super retarded.

crazy lah. kept screaming today at rubbish things. lol. the ns guys we saw at a bbq area near us were dancing for 3-4 hours straight. so gross... they were like having a disco in the afternoon at the beach. eeks. one part was quite farnie and we all got high laughing at them. hehe. bought twister fries before going home.

now im addicted to the song on the right (: its so nice. hahas. im gonna be so bushed this weekend. and in the many many many weeks to come. :/

at 8:10 PM, she let go.