Thursday, October 21, 2004
still sick!

it has been almost a week since i started showing signs of sickness. haha. but im still sick. on monday i used like 10 packets of tissue. my nose was so raw and red. stayed back for mep papers. daddy picked me up. wanted to go to doc before piano but the doctors were closed so went for piano first. then went after piano. some where near ms chew's house. was in and out in like 3 minutes? was really fast. paid 37 for everything. got an mc for tues and wed. when i woke up on tues my nose was cleared so i thot ok. feeling much better so i went to school. then i realised that all the phlegm was still stuck. so i speak funnily. stayed back to help with the souvenirs. wednesday as well. thot i was ok so i went to school. but i still had phlegm stuck. and it was super irritating! and i couldnt get it out, which made things worse. then mep lesson was a total waste of time. they did not teach and made us prepare for the mini musical which is at the end of dec. then all the instrumentalists had nothing to do lah. sit there and stare. and they couldnt let us of early cos of some stupid reason. pfft! helped to clean some candles after that while waiting for daddy.

not in school today cos i think i'll be wasting time. and i need to sleep. ahaha. and study. anyway, VOTE FOR YANHAN (for HEAD PREFECT) and GEN (for HEAD MONITOR) ((: and to jiaxin: get well soon too k... drink lotsa water and rest well!

at 10:15 AM, she let go.