Sunday, October 17, 2004

falala. dont think this is anything good but i shall still say it. im sick (((: hahas. and still ate all that junk food... whoops. think ms chew's gonna be paranoid tmr if i go for her lesson like that. hahas.

went for log meeting in the morning at macs. and then to the supermarket to check out some prices. kept walking in front and kept ending up lost and having to turn back and walk. haha. met chrys and sarah at bugis later. da-bao-ed tako pachi and went to the cathedral with them cos sarah was in worship. that place is huge! did ushering with liz and yewya downstairs. kept hiccuping. service was great. had the fair thingy after that. ate junk. haha. had some chocolate thing and 2 ice cream puffs. (:

went for dinner with brandon, eugene, rah and christina. was so funny ok. i ate so much. like a spicy mc chicken, apple pie, fries and a drink. was so bloated after that. and kept on laughing thanks to some certain people. oh yeah. i hate rah's heels. so high! and really hard to walk. she made me change for a while cos her feet were dying and i was like 'whoa!' went home my self cos daddy was having his own dinner and now im sniffing like nobody's business. woohoo! im sick (:

at 9:42 PM, she let go.