Wednesday, October 13, 2004
fun fun

hahas. at my sister's office now. went to sch to hand in the composition. now i feel really free.. hahs. just remembered i still got the student leadership portfolio to do but that can wait (: walk all the way from sch to where i am now. feel so fit (: hahas. consolation from all the junk i've been eating. going to run on fri, dont care. haha.. jie's got quite a big space. as in office space. was sitting on the floor just now attempting to start revising chi cos i'm so horrible at it. yeah. so she came in and was like 'why are u sitting on the floor? dont sit on the floor' hahahs. yeah so im using the com (: going out soon. yay!

yeah im back (: hahas. we shopped at heeren, taka and wisma. spent like almost 400 quid. hees (: got a new pair of jeans and a few tops. jie bought some work clothes, 2 skirts and some tops... ate the free haagen daz ice cream too! haha. its so good (: tried strawberry cheesecake (((((: yummy! hahas. get your's from had fun. got showed around to most of the office people. they seem nice (: got a free bottle. hahas. gonna sleep for most of the time tmr i think (: so slack... oh yeah. pop popcorn too. haha. gonna watch charmed

at 1:24 PM, she let go.