Saturday, October 16, 2004
throat hurts.

bleah think im falling sick again. had fever last night and now i have a sore throat... eeps. went out with rah and chrystal and kelvin yest before the meeting. my popcorn became lao hong. hahas. oh well. meeting was ok but i think we have a lot of things to do. very far behind from my point. went to school this morning to help yanhan and gen with their campaign. became all glittery thanks to han's manager who cleverly suggested glitter deco. oh wow! went to rah's house during lunch time. thot we would be hanging out there but oh well ended up in town AGAIN. ahaha. too much town-ing. me liz rah and chrystal went walking around. from far east to taka. brought liz to try the turkish ice cream (: walked all over far east. then went to topshop and looked around again. me and liz went to surfbabe opp while waiting for sarah to decide what she wanted to use her voucher for and we ended up sitting down beside the escalator. yewya came around then. yeah and we walked around somemore, to taka basement to eat. then sent chrystal to the mrt cos she had to leave. 4 of us walked to moshi moshi and bits & pieces to look at stuff. when we were going to send yewya off we saw pamela! she came back like last friday. yeah. me liz and rah walked around somemore in isetan. yup and left around 5.45. met family at crystal jade tp. only ate porridge and xiao long bao. think my sore throat's gonna get worse.

at 8:26 PM, she let go.