Sunday, October 10, 2004

today's a sleepy day. again. hahas. woke up at seven plus and did some chi while waiting for daddy to come home with breakfast. did more chi after that and went to take a bath before second. think sevice was good today. but a little too long. and the initial smell of popcorn was quite distracting... hahas. was freezing at where i was sitting. always seem to get the cold seats. oh well.

went to bedok south for lunchie. had chicken rice ((: with shiok chilli tho not the hottest i've tasted. haha. headed to expo for some walking around. when we nearly reached there my dad tried to trick my bro that the sale was not on cos it was so empty. then the radio played the advertisement. i was laughing my head off. think my dad thot i was crazy till he realised that the advert was the sale advert. ahahs. yeah. so we went anyway. dropped by a food fair and a harvey norman fair. man the whole place was so crowded. and now im home. oh yeah. dropped by the mamashop to get some stuff on the way back. when i was returning to the car i didnt see the roadside drain between the pavement and the car door so when i stepped down my left foot dropped into it and i got a huge shock. got slightly scraped. but its not too bad. going to sch tmr. feels weird. haha. shall try to get 3a done by today so i can zip through 3b and mep tmr... mep's so mah fan... grr.

at 4:14 PM, she let go.