Monday, January 09, 2006
chichiwawa chichiwawa SA SA! :D

yay! first week of school wasnt too bad. got to know alot of new people from other schools. thought the first day was rather quiet and unenthu but things slowly lightened up. now we are quite comfortable with one another, and like have sort of our own cliques in og 15, but we still talk to everyone. haha. and my og's quite sexist. the guys always/most of the time talk to guys and same for the girls. haha. oh well. i still think we rock! and of course, well done to og 15 cos we got the best skit! :D

got a really nice ogl. his name's arun. he's quite amusing in his own way but he's really encouraging. yup. sa's quite a nice place, esp since its new and the christian environment is really cool, thank God for that (:

i think i'm gonna try for track and see if i can get in. haha. not like i can run very well but the team's new so no harm trying. if not it'll be netball or touch rugby. yup. sports are fun (: hahah. too bad sa no strings but im not intending to set up so oh well. hahah.

lectures started today. i feel so slack in school la. haha. but i think i'll shall learn to treasure it cos it'll never come again. new friends new friends (:

at 8:20 PM, she let go.