Wednesday, December 28, 2005
home sweet home (:

yay! back home again. update update

didnt do much. went walking around town and watched tv. in the evening some carollers from grandma's church came over. me and kat saw this guy with really thick eyelashes, almost thought he was wearing makeup la. hahah. oh yeah. we went back to the old house to go look see. it was really weird cos now its rented out to this restaurant and they did a bit of revamping and to walk through and think that we used to stay there is really weird. hahah. i dunno.

christmas day! a very cold one in fact. we went to church for service, then had lunch at the back. went back home and watched vcds. i think we watched chicken little. i still like fish (: hahah. went to uncle ping's house for bbq dinner. had fun cooking food on the grill. the chicken and beef and prawns were really really good, esp the beef. so tasty and tender. yummy (: watched love actually on cable. its a sweet show. stayed till about 11 plus and daddy and uncle vic made auntie yen and auntie serena send us back. they stayed to drink with uncle ping and uncle guanglai till dunno what time. and apo called auntie yen to remind them to come home. haha. kat said she heard her dad muttering stuff to himself when they came back.

went down to cut and wash my hair with jie kat and auntie serena. my hair was nice and neat after (: not anymore. hahah. its poofy and starting to curl at the ends. played mahjong with jie kat and auntie serena from nine plus i think till about 12.30am? haha. it was fun.

got up early to send uncle vic and fam off. took a photo with apo. went back to sleep and woke up at 10. had the nice black sauce noodles (: something we never get now that apo stays at wisma tenang. went to visit grandpa and great grandma and granduncle. then we dropped by the big bookshop in town to pick up some stuff. in the evening, went to the beach for some sea breeze, later to buy keropok lekor. smelled so good (: haha. fresh and yummy. played more mahjong but only till 10 plus. finished ***'s present before i went to bed. i felt a sense of accomplishment. hahah. it looks nice.

trip home. princess didnt sit in front cos me and jie protested. he sat the whole way to kt so he wasnt allowed back. sat in the centre at the back. so uncomfortable. bleah. bum hurts. stopped at haipeng kopi for breakfast. skipped lunch, swopped places with jie after toilet break and headed home.

yup okay. end of update (:

at 5:57 PM, she let go.