Thursday, July 21, 2005

the hk trip was so fun! and too short. the whole trip was practically shopping, eating, performing, practicing, and ocean park. haha. the esprit stuff there are like cheap and their sneakers too. playing the cultural centre was cool but their sch people were so dead. like there was no exciting atmosphere and all. they should come to s'pore and see our sch concerts. they probably are next year, or maybe we'll go over again. heh. oh and their pupils are super pro can. sit beside them and play very demoralising. bleh.

but some off them are quite friendly la. and their conductor seems really nice and funny. coincidentally, he's also mr chan. haha. ymca was a nice hotel. and the shops ard it were cool. the dim sum place was nice too but 2 days in a row is not really nice. haha. the cultural centre was like 5 -10 mins walk away from the hotel. super near. though i played in the mep concert but i guess this is smth new in a sense that there was the choirs. and i really liked the finale item, esp 'for the beauty of the earth'. its a nice piece. and with the choir singing its super nice.

got high that night when zixin, mo, qian, debbie, sarah, shinq, na came over to our (me and tessa) room. cos they came up with this ymca idol thing and zixin was in all three la. she was super hilarious. and na was in one item with her. laughed till we cried la. its really retarded. there was one eskimo rap thing that zixin did with a hooded jacket and shades:

i'm an eskimo
the polar bears are cold
i'm not heather mo
i dont like jana loh
so what, fatso
then she and na did this fruits thing with the complimentary fruits they provided in the hotel room:
na: this is an apple
it is not very purple
it does not taste like snapple.
-nods. apple.
zixin: this is an orange
its color is orange
it looks so orange.
-nods. orange.
na: this is an apple
its color is very subtle
it reminds me of a shuttle.
-nods. apple.
zixin: this is an orange
it was grown on a range
the range was not very strange
-nods. orange.
na & zixin: these are fruits
they do not have roots
if you dont eat them you are toots.
-nods. fruits
it was so funny please. and zixin did an imitation of the ice princess which we watched on the flight to hk. goodness la. couldnt stop laughing. so sad its the last time performing with s.o.! i think this is the besterestest year in s.o. ever (: i love my cca and my juniors!
today during night study there was this bat stuck in the canteen and it was flying everywhere. me han mel gen and ling were super scared la. our heads were practically stuck to the canteen tables cos the bat kept swooping down. and then we heard a piak sound and they saw the bat drop on to the ground. it got hit by the fan. and it was bleeding and flopping ard the floor. so sad la. then uncle pang took a mop and picked it up and dropped it over the canteen into the track there. so sad.
then talked to sixiu and gen about stuff and me and sixiu were like explaining some stuff that happens in christian churches to gen and we were talking about the rapture and all. and its said that our generation will live to see the second coming of Christ (i'll ask dave about it) and those who dont know Christ will go to hell and it really reminded me that we need to be bold and share the gospel and that image of my friends burning in the lake of fire in hell is just too much for me to bear. its really sad and made me feel so bad that im being so scared to share and all. rahh. im not trying to force anyone to believe but God's so real and He's the only way to heaven, the only way you can be saved. its like if you found a secret to longeivity you would share that secret right? so that others can live forever too and be happy and all. God's that secret!

at 10:02 PM, she let go.