Thursday, July 07, 2005
gimme a break please!

im so sick of school, all the tests and hw. im glad i'll be in hong kong in about a week's time (: yay! haha. had a good chat with abby and gen today while studying with them and ling. we were talking about catholics and christians and stuff lah. and i think it was quite good cos it showed me a different side of catholics, new things that i never knew and it really showed me that sometimes these differences dont really matter cos in the end we all still believe and love God. think abby and gen are going for hillsongs too (: yay. anyone interested? its from the 5th-7th of aug at night. i think its at the indoor stadium. yup. its free so do come if you can (:

i want to slack away!
obviously not

at 6:38 PM, she let go.