Sunday, February 04, 2007
one month has passed!

its february already! alot of things have happened as usual. many birthdays, han's housewarming yesterday (yay i love hayeeeatoii!), xcty, trngs, tests, etc etc

school activities have been rather physically demanding on some weeks esp and i just thank God that im still surviving. heh. everything's moving so fast, workload piles up, expectations of everything. and insufficient sleep doesnt help anything at all, my moods are like up and down, though im trying to keep it up if not everything will seem so dreary.

i think i have a problem. i think i know myself well, like my strengths weaknesses and all those stuff, but sometimes i really wonder if i do. so many times i've just been at such a lost cos i dunno what's going on inside of me. emo kid.

i think melvin and zhenjie have passed their germs to me. haha.

seeing ling, han, linna, mel, cyn, mari, gen, lala and xin yesterday really cheered me up loads (:

and emokid misses mob and thailand!

at 9:29 AM, she let go.