Monday, January 01, 2007
happy new year!

oh dear. j1 has passed so fast and come wednesday we'll see the new j1s coming into school and its gonna be quite chaotic. haha. and for us the new j2s we're gonna die! A levels is horrendous. i dont want to sit for it. rahhhh!

anw, mob was really good and praise God cos even though i was still limping a bit, He allowed me to go for the trip and my ankle also got a bit better there (: mob was really an eye opener for me. and though my grandma stays in similar conditions, i never really saw it as living in contentment? yeah, and my grandma obviously has much more than them. aiya i dunno la. the kids at the hostel are always so full of joy and the things of the world never really seems to bother them much. they draw water from the well to bath in, they have no tv and all the games they play are such simple ones like soccer, chapteh, volleyball, etc. and the girls do wonderful embroidery, all the designs are in their heads and they just sew. super cool. the churches around chiangrai are like small compared to what we see in spore but their faith is so so strong and you can see that from the worship they have with a guitar, sometimes none. their numbers are small and some even face opposition from other villagers when they try to build a church but they still persevere and it's so encouraging. they're very hospitable and share even from the little that they have. can see how big their hearts are and how they choose to bless others. auntie nellie is really wow. she's very disciplined and decisive yet very caring and forgiving. and that really reflects to me her own walk with God, in the words she says, her actions and all. it's really like the outside is an overflow of what's on the inside and i thank God for calling her to be a missionary. when we go to the churches with her you can see how all the people welcome her. even the non-christians are just so happy to see her and it shows how much time she's invested into the mien.

the new moc is almost ready and the kids will be moving in soon. it has taken alot of effort to get the building up and im glad that it's finally done (: i think auntie nellie's life is really one of 'lead me, God, and i will follow'. she has definitely taken up her cross and is following Him always (: she's cool, and of course her creator is cooler (: haha.

just pray that God will enable me to be a good witness for Him in school and even as i try to change in certain areas, His strength will shine through my weaknesses.

at 9:30 AM, she let go.