Wednesday, November 29, 2006
i miss mep/strings!

one day camp was good (: okay this is a lagged update but heck (: haha.

went for "a joint affair" last friday at hci to watch my juniors perform. they're really lucky now cos they have a wider repertoire and more opportunities to perform. yeah and its like the only concert i've been to in a long long long long while.

i really miss strings and playing cello and as an orchestra. its not something that you can just throw aside just cos you're not in it anymore. should setup an alumae orch. then i can play all day long (: my fingers are itching for the touch of metal strings and that smooth fingerboard...

xin:hello ((: long time no see. erm next week tuesday? yeah. or like btw 12-14 dec but that one im not too sure cos i might have other stuff to do then. yup

aiya i wanted to upload photos. but oh well. blogger doesnt like me.

at 8:31 AM, she let go.