Sunday, April 29, 2007

oh man. BT2 is coming! in 2 months.
but there's so many things to study.
bleah :(

i almost injured the ligament on my
left foot during trng on thurs. thank God
its not serious. its okay alr i think, but i
havent tried running since. probably will
lay off spikes for a while if we continue
doing 600s.

me and rengfu think we'll touch the sky
soon cos the sky is falling and the world
is coming to an end. haha. cos sch work
is really driving all of us crazy. and adding
on trngs during exam times, that's not
really nice but we dont have much of a
choice. oh well.

coco: you are one weird gf/bf. haha.
but thanks for being there (:

God is either the Lord of ALL or not at all

at 8:43 AM, she let go.