Monday, June 11, 2007

track camp was good (: even tho i must say the exco could have been more well prepared but i think we still did alright. kudos to the teachers and the other j2s who also helped out (: think the j1s really gelled well during the camp. had fun 'torturing' them on the first night :P haha. but they're really nice and i think camp made them think more of track as a commitment too. yup.

CIP at gombak was quite fun. but it was a small competition surprisingly. had piano after that. was so tired my mind couldnt think. kept playing the wrong notes even with the score in front of me and kept breaking down. rah. thank God ms chew didnt scold me if not i think i would have cried la.

cg lunch at carl's junior followed by oceans13. its a good movie (: too bad i had to leave early due to my blur-ness. i thought studio prac was at 3 when it was actually 330. could have finished the show ): oh well. went to prints to buy nice paper for my prog notes (: then i went home and slacked.

i love bach/beethoven/debussy oh so much.

at 12:07 PM, she let go.